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Don’t put up with slip on your dredge or mining site! Use Neptune Floats with Clamp TiteTM.

Neptune Flotation™ is proud to be the leading pipe float manufacturer in North America with specially designed floats for lines ranging from 1/4 inch up to 48 inches. With our focus on durability, highly engineered products, and customer service, we are always looking for innovative ways to tackle difficult and common issues in the industry.

Neptune Pipe Floats are the only surface pipe float designed to help prevent pipeline slippage.

Pipeline Floats

Perfect for dredging, mining, or any pumping application, the Neptune HDPE Pipe Float is the only dredging float to feature Clamp Tite™—preventing pipeline slippage! Neptune Pipe Floats come in a variety of common pipeline sizes and can be custom ordered to fit your needs.

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Neptune Cable and Hose Floats are designed for easy installation and rugged durability in a wide variety of industrial and commercial uses.

Cable Floats / Hose Floats

Cable and Hose Floats from Neptune Flotation are the ideal solution for managing electric cable for dredges or pumps, fuel lines, hose, pipelines and more. Neptune Hose and Cable Floats are manufactured to last with an impact-resistant polyethylene plastic and solid one-piece construction.

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Floating Walkways

Neptune Floating Walkways are made from UV-resistant PE and are sold in kits for ease of assembly. Configure any length or turn them into work platforms!

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Floating Work Platforms

Modular Floating Work Platforms are sold in kits and feature an attractive non-slip surface with optional handrails.

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Neptune pipeline Float Balls aka mooring buoys

Mooring Buoys & Pipeline Ball Floats

Ideal for suspending cable or pipelines under the water, the Neptune Suspension Ball Float is tough and crack resistant. Neptune suspension ball floats come in 13˝ to 48˝ diameters and can be customized for your application. Neptune Float Balls can also be used for underwater pump suspension, as marker buoys for boat traffic control, and as mooring buoys.

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Ideal in both calm and wavy waters, the Neptune Regulatory Buoy features the highest standard in safety

Regulatory Buoys

Neptune Regulatory Buoys, a.k.a. spar buoy, make buoy retrieval safer and simpler than ever, with the inclusion of three molded handles into the body of the buoy. Neptune Regulatory Buoys feature the highest standard in safety and durability while conforming to US state and federal safety regulations.

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Get More with Neptune Flotation Floats

Clamp Tite™ Helps Prevent Pipeline Slippage

Featured on our Pipe Floats, Hose and Cable Floats, and Mooring Buoys—Clamp Tite helps prevent slippage along the pipeline.

EzGlide™ Minimizes Wind and Water Resistance!

Neptune floats are designed with tapered ends on the outside of the Pipe Float or Hose / Cable Float to decrease water and wind resistance. Tapered ends on the inside of float allow the cable, hose, or pipeline to move freely.

Stack-N-Lock Makes Pipe Float Storage and Transportation Easy

Neptune Flotation includes built-in legs on the inside of all Pipe Floats and Cable & Hose Floats with corresponding molded-in recesses on the outside of the floats to allow for easy stacking while transporting or storing.

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