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Floating Pump Stations

Neptune Flotation™ Floating Pump Stations are the perfect solution for industrial sites, including waterfront sites, mines and aggregate operations. Made from rotationally-molded polyethylene plastic with UV inhibitors to prevent them from degrading over time. The modular design allows for cost effective customization and easy installation. 

Easy Installation

The modular platforms are
designed so that one person
can install them with the use
of a forklift and a 15/16’’
socket wrench.


Sections stack on top of one
another for reduced storage
footprint and shipping costs.
Sections can be double
stacked for additional


The above surface float is
designed to add or subtract
buoyancy modules based on
your specific project requirments.
This allows you to
have a customized solution
at a cost effective price point.


Dimensions 10’x10’x15’’ per Platform

Buoyancy (Per Platform, 2 modules): 5,832lbs / 2,645kg at full submersion

Weight: 516lbs / 235kg without handrails

Colors Available Tan or Orange are standar

Floating Pump Station Features:

    • The modular walkways and work platforms are sold in kits and designed so that one person can install them on the water.
    • Optional handrails and attractive non-slip surface for a safe walking space.
    • Walkways and Work Platforms are designed to work in ice, and are high enough out of the water that they “pop” out of ice when the body of water freezes.
    • Tough, impact-resistant polyethylene plastic (HDPE)
    • Built-in UV inhibitors reduce degradation caused by sunlight
    • Solid one-piece construction
    • Proudly made in the USA
    • Slip resistant surface
    •  Anchor Points
    • Optional dock cleats to tie up a boat
    • 20 stainless connection points molded into the float surface
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