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Regulatory Buoys/Spar Buoys

The Neptune Floatation Regulatory Buoy, a.k.a. Spar Buoy, is designed to withstand the most rugged marine conditions. Rotationally molded with UV- resistant polyethylene (PE),  these regulatory buoys are crack resistant and tough. The Regulatory Buoys come in bright- orange and are easy to see over white wave caps,  removing the need for safety flags. Buoys can be custom made in any color. An optional programmable solar light attaches with security screws to eliminate theft and functions— even in low- light environments. Spar Buoy retrieval has been simplified with the inclusion of three molded handles along the body of the buoy. Many other buoy products require diver teams to retrieve buoys, which has resulted in lawsuit. Neptune is proud to provide a solution to this common issue

Regulatory Buoy Features:

Like our flagship Pipe Float product line, the Neptune Flotation Regulatory / Spar Buoy features the highest standard in safety and rugged durability while conforming to US state and federal safety regulations.

  • Tough, crack resistant, UV-inhibiting polymer resin body and foam core
  • Optional solar light stays on tight and works in low-light environments
  • High-visibility reflective tape around the cap of the buoy
  • Customizable vinyl signage options available for industrial, commercial and private use
  • Three molded handholds on the body of the Spar Buoy for simple extraction
  • Concrete ballast ensures the Regulatory Buoy stays upright in all conditions
  • Steel anchor point doesn’t rust
  • Proudly made in the USA

Regulatory/Spar Buoy Dimensions:

  • 61 Inches Long x 9 Inches Wide
  • 549 x 1143 x 152mm
Regulatory Buoys (spar buoy)
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