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INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA – 09-05-2018 ( — Neptune Flotation announced today that their floats will be deployed by Dutch-based The Ocean Cleanup as part of the group’s highly engineered floating system which will target cleanup of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. “We are excited to have our subsea cable floats play a role in the important mission of The Ocean Cleanup,” said Neptune Flotation President Blake Elder. “Much of the debris that has accumulated in the oceans is from single-use plastic products and as a member of the plastics industry we are eager to be part of the solution to this on-going issue.” The Ocean Cleanup, founded in 2013 by then 18-year old CEO Boyan Slat, is set to deploy its first cleanup apparatus, System 001, on September 8th. After deployment of a full fleet of 60 of these systems, the group aims to clean 50% of the floating debris that has amassed in 700,000 square kilometers of the Pacific Ocean, which is known as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, every 5 years.

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