Hose Floats and Cable floats


Cable Floats & Hose Floats from Neptune Flotation™ are the perfect solution to manage electric cable for dredges or pumps, fuel lines, hose, and pipelines.

Neptune Hose Floats & Cable Floats are manufactured to last with an impact-resistant polyethylene plastic (HDPE) and solid rotationally-molded one-piece construction. UV inhibitors prevent the floats from degrading over time due to sun exposure.

Like our Pipe Floats, all Neptune Cable Floats & Hose Floats are designed to exacting standards of safety and usability. Neptune Hose Floats and Cable Floats are designed with Clamp Tite™ that holds firmly onto pipe; hose and cable, EzGlide™ which minimizes wind and water resistance; and  

Cable Float & Hose Float Features

Clamp Tite™ Stays in Place

Clamp Tite compresses and adds friction to prevent slippage along the cable or hose. Neptune Flotation is proud to offer a solution to this common issue.

EzGlide™ Lets Wind and Water Easily Pass

Neptune floats are designed with tapered ends on the outside of the Cable Float & Hose Float to decrease water and wind resistance. Tapered ends on the inside of floats allow the hose or cable to move freely.

Stack-N-Lock Solves Float Storage and Transportation Problems

Neptune Flotation includes built-in legs on the inside of all Cable Floats  & Hose Floats with corresponding molded-in recesses on the outside of the floats to allow for easy stacking while transporting or storing.

Get Neptune Floats with Ice Protection

Neptune Flotation is proud to offer a specialized line of floats with Ice Protection that are designed to withstand being frozen in place during harsh winter conditions. Neptune floats with Ice Protection have been successfully used in Canada and elsewhere for many years.

More Cable Float & Hose Float Features

  • Tough, impact-resistant polyethylene plastic (HDPE)
  • Built-in UV inhibitors reduce degradation caused by sunlight
  • Handholds to ease Cable Float & Hose Float transportation
  • Molded-in bolt holes allow for easy Cable Float & Hose Float installation
  • Built-in legs act as alignment guides when installing the floats
  • Cable Float & Hose Float are available with or without foam cores
  • Solid one-piece construction
  • Proudly made in the USA


Cable Float & Hose Float Options

The Neptune Flotation Cable Float & Hose Float can be customized to fit your needs. There are also multiple configurations and attachments available to make the most out of Neptune floats.

  • Ice protection
  • Available in custom colors

Cable Float & Hose Float Sizes

Cable Float & Hose Float sizes are available to fit a line from 0.25 inches (6mm) to 4.25 inches (102mm). Pipe Floats also work for hoses and are available up to 42".

Cable Float & Hose Float Warranty

The Neptune Flotation Cable Float & Hose Float comes with a one-year warranty against any-and-all workmanship issues associated with the product.

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Neptune Flotation Cable Float and Hose Float image

All Neptune Hose Floats & Cable Floats are proudly produced in the United States from tough impact-resistant polyethylene plastic.

Neptune Cable and Hose Float showing stack-and-lock feature

Neptune Hose and Cable Float assembled

Neptune Cable Float and Hose Float inner view showing cable

Clamp Tite holds onto pipe, hose, and cable to prevent slippage along the line.