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Neptune™ is proud to be the leading manufacturer of pipe floats (Dredge Floats or Float Collars) in the United States.

Neptune HDPE Pipe Floats are made from rotationally-molded polyethylene plastic with UV inhibitors to prevent the float from degrading over time.

Neptune Flotation Pipe Floats (Dredge Floats) are designed to the highest standard of safety and usability. Neptune Pipe Floats include features like Clamp Tite™ that prevent pipeline slips, EzGlide™ which allows wind and water to easily pass, and Snap-N-Lock—the solution to many float transportation and storage woes.

Men installing Pipe Floats (dredge floats or float collars) on pipe over water

Pipe & Hose Floats

Pipe & Hose Floats from Neptune Flotation™ are the perfect solution for dredging, mining, dewatering, pumping and other industrial projects.    

Cable Floats

Cable Floats from Neptune Flotation™ are the perfect solution to manage electric cable for dredges or pumps, fuel lines, hose, and pipelines.



Pipe Floats are available to fit a pipeline from 2 inches (51 mm) to 48 inches (1219.2mm) diameter. Pipe floats also function as hose floats and can fit the same diameter hoses.


Cable Float sizes are available to fit a line from 0.25 inches (6mm) to 4.25 inches (102mm).


Lets Wind and Water Easily Pass


Clamp Tite™

Floats Stay in Place

Clamp Tite™


Solves Storage and Transportation Problems

Hose Float Stacked

Neptune floats are designed with tapered ends on the outside of the Pipe Float (Dredge Float) to decrease water and wind resistance. Tapered ends on the inside of float allow the pipeline to move freely

Clamp Tite™ compresses and adds friction to prevent slippage along the pipeline. Neptune Flotation is proud to offer a solution to this common issue.

Neptune Flotation includes built-in legs on the inside of all Pipe Floats (Float Collars) with corresponding molded-in recesses on the outside of the floats to allow for easy stacking while transporting or storing.

Floats with Ice Protection

Neptune Flotation Offers a line of floats with Ice Protection, which are designed to withstand being frozen in place during harsh winter conditions. They have been successfully used in Canada and across the globe for many years.

Additional Float Features

  • Tough, impact-resistant polyethylene plastic (HDPE)
  • Built-in UV inhibitors reduce degradation caused by sunlight
  • Handholds to ease Pipe Float installation
  • Molded-in bolt holes allow for easy float installation
  • Built-in legs act as alignment guides when installing the Pipe Float
  • Floats are available with or without foam cores
  • Solid one-piece construction

Additional Float Options

  • Available in custom colors
  • Safety lights
  • Safety whip flags
  • Cable attachments
  • Hose attachments


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